Valentines wings

I wanted to post something on valentines day, but I didn’t have any inspiration. So, I reached out to a friend and she inspired me. How? Well, when I asked her for some topics to write on, she proposed that I write a recipe with an aphrodisiac or a bird. So I mixed both. Clever right?
This recipe might seem long, but that’s because of the cooking time.

*disclaimer: you can treat yourself, fam and friends with this recipe. No Girlfriend of Boyfriend required..

Whenever you think of valentines day, you think of chocolate and sweet flavours. So I worked on a fun and tasty chicken wing recipe that’s layered in sweet and bitter flavours. One layer is slightly seasoned with chilli flakes and kurkuma and the second is lacked with dark chocolate and ginger.
Trust me all these big flavours create a unique balance.

This recipe is perfect for at least 10 wings and can easily be adapted for your needs, simply follow these easy steps.

first: Soak your wings in a mix of vinegar and water for about 1 hour.
Why? Because it makes the wings more tender and adds a sweet flavour. If you want to make all fancy pantsie wings you can switch the vinegar for lime juice or lemon juice.

Then: You create the first layer of flavour. Mix these spices together:
(tsp: teaspoon, tbsp: tablespoon)
Valentine spice mix
*salt ( 1,5 tbsp)
*sugar (2 tsp)
*kurkuma ( 3 tsp)
*pepper white or black ( 1,5 tsp)
*chili flakes ( 3 tsp)
* chicken spice (1 tsp)
→ Add olive oil until the mix is covered and stir until you have one consistent liquid.
→ bake the wings in the oven for about 50 minutes on a 160°c – 170°c in the oven.
After 20 minutes you can baste them a little with the  leftover vinegar or lime.
( Why? this helps the wings to stay nice and juicy)

After the 50 minutes you brush the wings with this:

Chocolate and ginger lack
Molten dark chocolate 50g (use less if you’re not that brave or more if you dare)
*lemon juice
*salt (1 pinch)
*a little bit of water, just enough to not make it less sticky
*pinch of sugar
(*You can also add a little bit of ketchup or tomatoe puree)
→ stir the blend and brush on your wings
→ If there’s still a lot of fluid in the chicken wings, increase the temperature and wait until the majority of it is gone before you brush.


Last step:
Cook for 10 to 12 minutes on higher heat. 180°c – 200°c, depending on the state of your wings. If they were already quite golden brown when you brushed, then you cook them for less time.

Enjoy the wings!


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