Valentines wings

I wanted to post something on valentines day, but I didn’t have any inspiration. So, I reached out to a friend and she inspired me. How? Well, when I asked her for some topics to write on, she proposed that I write a recipe with an aphrodisiac or a bird. So I mixed both. Clever…

Bitter sweet Bissap orange lemonade/thee

This bissap lemonade is an amazing fresh,bitter and sweet drink for hot temperatures. If you’re like me and you don’t mind bitter drinks, then this drink will blow you away. The ingredients needed are very easy to find. You can sweeten or unsweeten it to your preference. Put on your favorite african sweet jam and…

The magic of Bissap, an intriguing plant!

Bissap also called roselle or hibiscus sabdariffa, is a dry flower with an interesting texture. The flower grows in tropical temperatures, it needs about 6 months to fully bloom. You can find it in Africa, Asia and South America. It tastes a bit sour and smells sweet.I first heard of this flower trough my parents….

Light chickpeas spread toast

chickpeas are a pea variety eaten all over the world. they’re rich in vitamin A, calcium and magnesium. they’re healthy and tasty to say the least. On one of my many hungry afternoons I experimented with different ways of cooking the ingredient. And I found a recipe for a toast spread for a low budget….

Delayed ambition mixed with hint of reality check

Sorry for the delay, but I’m back! I have been absent for a long time and I’ve made some empty promises. One of them was that I would try to post something weekly, but this didn’t work out as I planned. I’ve played myself big time,I underestimated the difficulty of Blogging. Let me explain why….

Pork tenderloin in a coconut milk sauce

This recipe is easy, takes about 40-45 minutes to prepare and is very tasty! This dish can be eaten by 4 to 5 people, depending on the appetite. Ingredients: -Pork tenderloin about 1 kilogram (4-5 people) â™ Dry rub for the tenderloin -cumin powder -curry powder -paprika powder -white pepper/black pepper -2 teespoons of salt -1…

Welcome to my kitchen

Hi, My name is Avery B. Iradukunda I am 23 years old and I’m a food fanatic. I was born in Rwanda and I grew up in Belgium. When I was little I used to watch my mother cooking in awe. My mom always found the perfect balance between mixing traditional Rwandan ingredients with the…